CDCS consists of one mandatory unit:

Principles and Practices of Documentary Credit Transactions - K/505/5349

The unit is designed to enable documentary credit specialists to understand documentary credits, the products, parties, processes and rules that underpin documentary credit transactions. As well as the ability to manage documentary credit transactions and identify irregularities, by applying knowledge of processes, ICC rules and trade terms.


Preparation for the examination usually takes six months with comprehensive learning materials provided. CDCS is studied through self-study. Upon registration students will be sent a detailed study text which they study from independently. In addition to the study text, a specimen paper is also available to download.

All students who register with The London Institute of Banking & Finance will receive printed study resources that cover the CDCS syllabus and contain review questions and activities. A student handbook is provided to support student’s studies. In addition to printed materials, students will also receive online access to the study resources.

Please note: that in order to reflect any changes to syllabus, the study resources are normally updated annually. It is a student’s responsibility to make sure they are studying from the most up-to-date materials that will be assessed.


In response to requests from our CDCS candidates, we have arranged three revision webinars in preparation for the upcoming October exam.  

Webinar registrants will receive a link via email in which to submit any questions beforehand. There will also be the opportunity to post questions via Q&A during the sessions.

The webinars will be conducted by Gary Collyer, the author of “Guide to Documentary Credits”. They will each begin at 8:30am UK time and last for approximately one hour.

Cost: £20 per session. 

Letter of Credit Handling

  • Discrepant documents, waiver and notice. 
  • Transferable Credits 
  • Back-to-Back Credits 
  • Assignment of Proceeds

Rules & Practices

  • URR 725 - an overview of the rules and practices 
  • Standby letters of credit and ISP98
  • eUCP
  • Letters of Indemnity 

In-basket and Simulation Exercise

  • Our last webinar will look at the in-basket and simulation exercises that form a crucial part of the CDCS examination.