What is the Assessment Format for CDCS?

Assessment for CDCS consists of a 3 hour and 15 minute multiple-choice examination, designed to test knowledge and its application to practical situations.  The examination consists of 70 multiple- choice questions and 3 document checking simulations.  The examination paper is split into 2 sections:

  • Section A- 60 multiple- choice questions
  • Section B- 10 multiple choice questions and three simulation exercises

CDCS is examined in over 40 countries each year with examinations given in paper format at designated international centres. 
You can book your exam at one of our designated test centres around the world.

View the examination venues.

Test Your Knowledge

The CDCS examiners have designed a short online quiz to give you an idea of the type of standalone multiple-choice questions asked and the level of knowledge needed to be successful in the CDCS examination. CDCS mini quiz.