Course recognition service for CPD course providers

The London Institute of Banking & Finance offers a course recognition service. Course recognition is not an accreditation programme and does not indicate Institute endorsement; it is for organisations and training providers interested in stating that an individual professional development activity is eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit towards the CDCS recertification programme.

Courses are considered on an individual basis, the course content and relevance to documentary credit practitioners will be considered by The London Institute of Banking & Finance. Courses approved for recognition will be listed on the CDCS recognised course registry, attributed with a set number of CPD credits and providers are able to use the The London Institute of Banking & Finance's logo and a supporting statement in their course marketing material, subject to the terms of a limited licence agreement.

Applications must be made by completing the application form, providing the requested supporting documents and paying the appropriate fee. More details on course recognition can be found in the  Course Recognition Guidelines for course providers.

Recognised course registry

Current courses recognised by The London Institute of Banking & Finance are listed below:

Please note: This list is not exhaustive, other courses, seminars and activities may attract CPD credit towards the CDCS recertification programme.



CPD Approved Courses

  • ICC Academy

  • ICC Austria

  • ICC Indonesia

  • Beijing Zhong Jin Hui Zhi Education Science and Technology Limited Company

  • Brazil


  • Coastline Solutions

  • eBSI Export Academy

  • Korea International Finance Institute (KIFI)

  • The Institute of International Banking Law & Practice

  • Trade Hunt Management