After passing the CDCS exam, or renewal by recertification, the CDCS designation remains valid for 3 years.*  To keep the designation after this period, holders are required to, either: complete the recertification programme or re-pass the CDCS exam. Successful recertification or re-passing of the exam means continued inclusion in the international CDCS registry

The Recertification Programme

The programme is completed by carrying out Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / PDUs during the 3 year cycle. The CPD must meet the requirements in our Recertification Process Guidebook

Recertification records for 30 April 2021 can be submitted from 1 March 2021 to 30 June 2021 - note: a late fee applies for submissions in June.

Each CPD / PDU activity must:  

  • relate directly to International Trade Finance
  • have content which improves knowledge gained from the exam
  • last for a minimum of 30 minutes concentrated time
  • be measurable – this can be done by the inclusion of documentation / certificates

Keeping Records of your CPD

  • As you carry out the CPD / PDUs, please record it in your "myCPD" log in your myLIBF account - you will submit them to us from your myCPD log when its time for you to recertify.  You will make your payment through the log too. We use FLYWIRE for our Bank Transfer payments. 
  • Keep your email address up to date under the "myDetails" tab on your myLIBF account. We use this address to keep you up to date so you wont receive our communications if this is out of date
  • Recertification is only complete upon receipt of the correct information and payment of the fee
  • The fee to recertify is £200GBP (an extra "late fee" of £40 is charged for submissions sent more than 1 month after expiry of your recertification).

​​CDCS Advocates (CDCSAdv)

We reward those who recertify on a continual basis, with the CDCS Advocate designation. This recognises the commitment shown to Trade Finance related CPD. You don’t need to apply for CDCS Advocate status as it’s automatically presented when 5 recertification cycles have been completed. The reward includes: extending the recertification period to 6* years; an invite to receive your award at our Graduation Ceremony; pin badge and special certificate. 

CDCS Sponsors / Employers

If you wish to sponsor more than one CDCS holder for recertification, employers or sponsors should complete this spreadsheet with their details and send this to us at The candidate(s) will still need to complete their CPD activities in their myCPD log but should not submit their records to us through the log if they are included on your spreadsheet. You can use this spreadsheet even if you are not going to pay your candidates fee. 

Candidates from China should contact CCPIT in the first instance at: